Greece still EU health laggard

Greece has one of the least patient-friendly state healthcare systems in Europe, ranking 25th out of 33 countries assessed for this year’s European Union’s Health Consumer Index (EHCI), it emerged yesterday. The EHCI, compiled on the basis of assessments by citizens in EU member and candidate states, showed that Greece had slipped from 19th place last year, amassing just 600 points out of a «perfect» total of 1,000. The country was deemed to be particularly behind in the area of e-health (the online provision of health services) and the quality of state dental care, with additional bad marks for the practice of under-the-table payments to state doctors. «Greece has remained in the same position, while healthcare systems in other countries have displayed signs of improvement,» one of the authors of the report remarked. The Netherlands, Denmark and Iceland topped the index, while Bulgaria, Romania and Latvia sat at the bottom.