In Brief

Aegean tensions

Frontex aircraft baited again Greek defense officials yesterday complained to authorities in Ankara after a Swedish aircraft participating in a patrol of the eastern Aegean organized by Frontex, the European Union border-monitoring agency, received a series of warning signals via Turkish radar, the fourth incident of its kind in the past month. A Turkish radar station contacted the aircraft three times as it flew over the islands of Kos and Leros in the eastern Aegean, the officials said, adding that the pilots ignored the signals and continued the patrol. Pangrati mugging A gunman netted a bag containing an undetermined sum after holding up the employee of a construction firm at gunpoint in the busy central Athens district of Pangrati yesterday afternoon. The holdup, which occurred at the junction of Vryaxidos and Aspasia streets, did not result in any injuries. The perpetrator was still at large late yesterday.