Stolen gun betrays bank-robbing twins

A set of Thessaloniki twins serving prison terms for petty theft and fraud have been charged with branching into a new career as bank robbers while out of jail on furloughs, police said yesterday. Vassilios Magoulis, 27, was arrested a week ago in the town of Larissa, central Greece, after staging an armed bank robbery that briefly netted him 11,060 euros. He had been released from Larissa jail – where his twin brother, Emmanouil, was also being held – on a five-day furlough. Police found that the gun Magoulis used had been stolen from a security guard at a Thessaloniki bank during a robbery on April 9, when his brother Emmanouil had been out on a five-day furlough. Under interrogation, Emmanouil Magoulis confessed to having perpetrated the Thessaloniki robbery – one of the two he had carried out that day, with a total haul of 35,465 euros.