Police role in migrant death?

A coroner was yesterday due to conduct a second autopsy on the body of a 27-year-old Pakistani national who died last Friday at his home in Nikaia, near Piraeus, after his family and members of anti-racism groups claimed that his death was provoked by police violence. Muhammad Kamran Atif was found dead in his bed last Friday by his brother, eight days after the 27-year-old was freed from the custody of police who had detained him over a knife attack involving other migrants. An autopsy found that Atif had died of a swelling of the lungs, the exact cause of which was unclear. Under pressure from rights activists, police reportedly agreed to a second autopsy. Atif’s relatives and neighbors alleged that police used excessive force when arresting the 27-year-old before beating him with clubs and giving him electric shocks. Police deny the claims. On Sunday, hundreds protested outside the Nikaia police station where the abuse is alleged to have taken place.