Patra sex ring offered services of students

Police in the western port of Patra said they were seeking members of a prostitution ring believed to have been peddling the services of young female students, for sums ranging from 400 to 1,000 euros per date, following the arrest yesterday of an 18-year-old by an undercover officer. According to police, the ring is very sophisticated, using the Internet and cell phone text messaging to arrange meetings with prospective clients. Due to a screening process, it took the officer several attempts to set up a rendezvous. Police said the «customer» first had to send a message by e-mail, followed by several text messages. Eventually a meeting was arranged and the undercover officer turned up at a local hotel to meet the 18-year-old, whom he promptly arrested. During questioning, the woman reportedly refused to give any information about the members of the ring or its activities.