Flashy lifestyle leads to drug dealers’ downfall

Athens police said yesterday they had smashed what is believed to have been one of the biggest drug-trafficking rings in the capital, whose deals involved hundreds of kilos of heroin, following the arrest of nine foreigners. Officers arrested six Syrians, a Bangladeshi, a Sudanese man and a Romanian woman following a raid on a storage basement in the district of Kato Patissia. The raid turned up 140 kilograms of pure heroin, which could have been cut to produce at least 700 kilos of the drug for market consumption, according to police who said they also seized a range of weighing and processing equipment. It was the suspected ring members’ ostentatious lifestyle that betrayed them, according to officers who put the group under surveillance after learning that they had become regular patrons of nightclubs in western Attica, spending large sums while declaring themselves to be unemployed.