Greeks most fearful in EU of being poor

One in three Greeks say they struggle to make ends meet, according to the results of a Eurobarometer survey which shows the Greek people to be among the most «fearful of poverty» in the European Union. A total of 35 percent of Greek respondents declared that their salaries were inadequate to cover their needs. This is in direct contrast to the EU average, with one in three EU citizens claiming not to have any particular money problems. The survey also showed that Greeks have one of the highest rates of «fear of poverty» in the bloc, with 84 percent saying that the worsening of their financial situation was a prominent concern. The Greeks come just behind the French in their anxiety, while the Hungarians are the most fearful with 96 percent claiming to fear poverty. At the other end of the scale, the Swedes are the most optimistic, with 61 percent claiming not to be overly worried about money.