In Brief

Fatal brawl

Man killed, officer injured in Nea Philadelphia street fight A street brawl in the northern Athens district of Nea Philadelphia early yesterday led to the death of a Greek man and the serious injury of a police officer. According to police, the off-duty officer had tried to intervene in a brawl involving the Greek man and another unidentified individual but was stabbed in the stomach. The cause of the Greek man’s death was unclear. It was also unclear what prompted the altercation. Road rage Driver shoots fellow motorist A 45-year-old motorist was in an Athens hospital yesterday after being shot in the leg by the driver of another car with whom he had been involved in a collision in the western district of Peristeri. According to the testimony of the victim, the other driver became so enraged following the crash that he got out of his car with a gun and shot the 45-year-old. The suspect fled after the shooting and police had yet to trace him by late last night. Pangrati blast An explosive device went off early yesterday outside an Olympiakos supporters’ club in the Athens neighborhood of Pangrati, east of the city center. The blast caused damage to the fan club and two parked cars but no injuries were reported. Panathinaikos is due to take on fierce rival Olympiakos in the area on Friday evening. Elli Pappa Journalist, author and leftist activist Elli Pappa died on Tuesday at the age of 89. «We bid farewell to someone who resisted all those who would seek to limit the freedom and the independence of the people,» said Prime Minister George Papandreou in a statement. Toll protests Residents of Oropos, north of Athens, protested at the Afidnes toll post yesterday in the latest of a series of demonstrations demanding the removal of the toll plaza and improvements to side roads. At the same time, residents from Fthiotida, north of Attica, also staged a protest demanding the removal of the new toll booths that were erected in the area at the beginning of October. Arms arrest Police yesterday were questioning a 44-year-old man they arrested in the central Athens district of Petralona after he was found in possession of two guns, ammunition, and a hand grenade. A public prosecutor later charged the 44-year-old with illegal possession of arms. Worksite fatality A 50-year-old migrant laborer was fatally injured during work at the main port of the island of Thassos, in the northern Aegean, coast guard officials said on Tuesday. According to the officials, the laborer was crushed between a crane vehicle and a truck during the course of work to repair a cabin situated in the main harbor. Police detained the 48-year-old crane vehicle operator and the 54-year-old project supervisor who are likely to face charges of negligence.