Betrothal equal to wedding bond

The fiancee of a man killed in a traffic accident five years ago – as well as his close relatives – is entitled to compensation from the other driver’s insurance company, according to a groundbreaking Supreme Court decision made public yesterday. This is expected to pave the way for recognition of the family rights of people who, although not married, are betrothed to each other. Formal engagements are still very common in Greece. The court upheld a Piraeus appeals court decision, arguing that, although not a relative by blood or marriage, the victim’s fiancee was close enough to her betrothed to be entitled to compensation for his death. «Being linked with the victim in a close relationship of love and devotion, [she] is due monetary satisfaction for her distress, and in order to balance unfavorable situations,» according to the wording of the decision. The appeals court ruling – contested by the company with whom the driver who caused the fatal accident was insured – awarded a total of 10 million drachmas (29,350 euros) to the family and the fiancee of the victim.