Three stabbed after man evicted from bar

Three patrons of a bar in a village near Serres, in northern Greece, including an off-duty policeman, were knifed in the early hours of Friday by the brother of a teenager who had been evicted from the establishment after allegedly becoming aggressive during New Year’s Eve revelries. Two of the victims were in hospital yesterday – one with punctured lungs and the other with multiple back wounds. The third victim, the police officer, reportedly suffered less serious injuries. Police said they were questioning the 21-year-old man, alleged to have been behind the stabbing spree, and his 19-year-old brother who complained to the former after allegedly being thrown out of the bar for being drunk and disorderly. According to witnesses, a man burst into the bar and started stabbing revelers at random. The 21-year-old is to be charged with attempted murder and his 19-year-old brother with complicity.