Chronology of all November 17 attacks

23/12/75:CIA station chief Richard Welch is murdered in Psychico. 13/12/76:Discharged police officer Evangelos Mallios is murdered in Palaio Faliron. 16/1/80:Riot squad (MAT) deputy director Pantelis Petrou and his driver Sotiris Stamoulis are killed in Pangrati. 15/11/83:US Navy Captain George Tsantes, chief of JUSMAGG, and his driver Nikos Veloutsos are murdered in Psychico. 3/4/84:JUSMAGG officer Robert Chant survives an attack at Hellenikon. 21/2/85:Publisher of Apogevmatini newspaper Nikos Momferatos is killed in central Kolonaki, along with his driver Panayiotis Roussetis. 26/11/85:A riot squad bus is blown up in Kaisariani, killing officer N. Georgakopoulos. 8/4/86:Industrialist Dimitris Angelopoulos is killed in Kolonaki. 5/10/86:A barrage of bomb attacks is launched at four taxation bureaus. 4/2/87:Dr Zachiarias Kapsalakis is injured in an attack at Halandri. 24/4/87:11 American soldiers are injured by a blast on an air force bus in Rendi. 10/8/87:Another nine Americans are injured after a bomb explodes on a bus at Kavouri. 21/1/88:November 17 members attempt to kill US official George Karos in Filothei. 1/3/88:Industrialist Alexandros Athanasiadis-Bodosakis is murdered in Filothei. 23/3/88:Four vehicles belonging to Turkish diplomats are damaged by bombs in Pangrati. 28/6/88:US defense attaché William Nordeen is killed by a bomb in a booby-trapped car in Kifissia. 14/8/88:Six members of November 17 hold up four police officers in Vyronas police station and steal weapons. 10/1/89:Public prosecutor Constantine Androulidakis is injured in the legs. He dies a month later. 18/1/89:Public prosecutor Panayiotis Tarasouleas is injured in Maroussi. 22/2/89:Luxury homes in Kolonaki, Halandri, and Vrilissia are bombed. 8/5/89:Giorgos Petsos is injured in a bomb explosion in his car in Filothei. 26/9/89:Parliamentary deputy Pavlos Bakoyiannis is murdered in Kolonaki. 25/12/89:November 17 members break into storerooms at the Sykouri army camp and steal missiles and ammunition. A few months later the group begins a new round of missile attacks. 3/2/90:November 17 members steal bazookas from the War Museum. 15/5/90:23 bomb explosions rock Ekali in northern Athens. 10/6/90:First missile attack launched, against offices of Procter and Gamble. 20/11/90:Businessman Vardis Vardinoyiannis escapes injury when three missiles are launched against his armoured limousine in Erythraia, northern Athens. 16/12/90:Two missiles are fired on the European Community office on Vasilissis Sofias Avenue, central Athens. 24/1/91:Bomb explodes at the home of the French defense attaché in Metz. 28/1/91:American Express bank in central Panepistimou Street is hit by a missile. 29/1/91:BP offices on Kifissias Avenue are hit by a missile. 10/3/91:Five tourist coaches are damaged by bombs exploding in the central Athenian districts of Galatsi and Ano Kypseli. 13/3/91:US army sergeant Ronald Stewart is killed by a remote-controlled explosive device in Ano Glyfada, southeastern Athens. 31/3/91:Missile attack is launched on the Pendelikon hotel in Kifissia, nothern Athens. 27/4/91:Bomb explodes on the tugboat Karapiperis in the port of Perama. 2/5/91:Missile attack is made on a branch of Public Power Corporation (DEH) in Aghioi Anargyroi, western Attica. 8/5/91:The Siemens branch in Maroussi, northern Athens, is hit by two missiles. 16/5/91:Missile attack is made on Halyps Cement installation at Aspropyrgos, southwest of Athens. 31/5/91:Two missiles are fired on a Lowenbrau factory at Atalanti, north of Athens. 16/7/91:A booby-trapped car explodes in Psychico, injuring Turkish Chargé d’Affaires Deniz Bulukbasi. 7/10/91:The Turkish Embassy’s assistant press attaché, Cetin Giorku, is murdered. 2/11/91:A missile and hand grenade attack is launched against riot squad bus in Exarchia, central Athens, killing police officer Yiannis Varis, 25, and injuring another six officers. 8/12/91:Two missiles hit Biohalko company office in Nea Filothei. 14/7/92:Missile attack is made on limousine of Finance Minister Ioannis Palaiokrassas in Syntagma Square. Passer-by Athanasios Axarlian, 22, is killed by shrapnel. 31/11/92:A missile damages the Nea Philadelphia tax office. 4/12/92:A bomb explodes at Maroussi tax office. 21/12/92:November 17 members injure New Democracy party deputy Eleftherios Papadimitriou, using. 38 and. 45 revolvers. 11/2/93:A bomb explodes at the Moschato tax office, southern Athens. 23/2/93:Another bomb attack on a tax office, this time in Haidari, western Athens. 3/3/93:Peristeri tax office, also in western Athens, is bombed. 9/3/93:A missile attack is made on the tax office of Kaminia, near Piraeus. 11/3/93:Bombs hit Petroupolis tax office in western Athens. 24/1/94:Michalis Vranopoulos, former governor of National Bank of Greece, is killed in Kolonaki. His driver, Nikos Grispos, is injured. 11/4/94:Missile attacks are made on insurance companies Aliko and Nationale Nederlanden. Two other missiles fired at the British aircraft carrier Ark Royal in Piraeus miss their target. 21/4/94:Bomb attack is made on the Miele showroom in Psychico. 18/5/94:A missile attack is made on the IBM office in Filellinon Street in central Athens. 4/7/94:Turkish diplomat Omer Sipahioglou is murdered. 15/3/95:Two missiles are fired at Mega television channel studios in Paeania, northeast of Athens. 15/2/96:Missiles are fired at the US Embassy, striking the outside wall. 28/5/97:Shipowner Costas Peratikos is murdered in Piraeus. 3/2/98:Bombs hit McDonalds outlets in northern suburbs of Halandri and Vrilissia. 19/2/98:A bomb explodes at the General Motors showroom on Kifissias Avenue. 12/5/98:Bombs explode outside the showrooms of Chrysler on Katehaki Avenue and Opel on Mesogeion Avenue. 1/4/99:A missile is fired at PASOK headquarters on Harilaou Trikoupi Street in downtown Athens. 5/5/99:Three missiles are fired at three different banks in Piraeus. 17/5/99:A missile strikes the roof of the German ambassador’s residence in Halandri. 8/6/2000:British defense attaché Brigadier Stephen Saunders is murdered on Kifissias Avenue in Athens.

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