In Brief

Tourist death Italian, 63, killed by falling rubble on Myconos site A 63-year-old Italian tourist was killed by falling construction site rubble on Wednesday afternoon in the Fanari district of the popular Aegean island of Myconos, police on the island said yesterday. According to police, the man had climbed onto a pile of construction site detritus to take a photograph and was hit by a large chunk of debris when the pile collapsed during his descent. Charges have been lodged against the civil engineer and the contractor responsible for the site in question. Nova scam Police break another racket Officers from Attica’s electronic crimes unit said yesterday that they had arrested two people – and were seeking another seven – in connection with the sale of thousands of devices capable of breaking the encryption codes of Nova television station. According to police, the detained pair – a Greek man and a foreign woman – sold the decoders over the Internet for much smaller amounts than Nova’s monthly subscription fee of between 29 and 57 euros, enabling viewers to watch programs for free. The scam is believed to have cost the company tens of millions of euros. In June, police in Athens detained four people on charges of illegally broadcasting programs from Nova TV’s subscription package for free over the Internet. Thieves caught Police in Athens said yesterday that they had arrested five Algerian nationals believed to be behind a string of muggings and car break-ins in the city center over the past few weeks. With the help of another seven suspects who are being sought, the Algerians are believed to have carried out 17 car break-ins and 18 muggings, chiefly targeting female pedestrians. The ring members are believed to have sold some of their loot in the area of Omonia and Monastiraki. Some of the rest – pocketbooks, cell phones, digital cameras and jewelry – was seized in raids on the suspects’ homes. Rape suspect A 29-year-old Cretan man was in detention in the port of Iraklio yesterday on charges of sexually harassing at least two minors in his neighborhood. The suspect was detained after complaints were lodged by the parents of the children alleged to have been harassed. Crime ring Two Greeks, aged 28 and 46, and a 45-year-old Albanian were being questioned yesterday after police confiscated large quantities of drugs and arms from their homes. A search on the suspects’ Athens homes turned up nearly half a kilogram of cocaine, 14 pistols and five hand grenades. One of the Greek suspects had been wanted by police in connection with the manslaughter of a Bulgarian man in August last year in Aspropyrgos, northwestern Attica. Canal suicide? Port authority workers recovered the body of a 69-year-old retired sailor from the Corinth Canal on Wednesday, it emerged yesterday. It is believed that the 69-year-old took his own life by jumping from the bridge into the canal below.