Greek-Italian link to bombs?

The police’s counterterrorism unit is investigating a suspected connection between Greek and Italian extremist and anarchist groups who are believed to be trading tactics, Kathimerini has learned. The police’s interest in a suspected Greek-Italian link was fueled by this week’s letter bomb campaign and the subsequent arrest of two suspects – one a suspected member of the Conspiracy of the Cells of Fire guerrilla group. In April 2008, the group issued a proclamation claiming a slew of bloodless bomb blasts and expressing admiration for the «revolutionary» tactics of its Italian «comrades» – referring to letter bomb attacks by Italian extremists against police. In April of this year, the Italian Anarchist Federation (FAI) claimed responsibility for mailing letter bombs to an Italian police precinct in honor of Lambros Fountas, a suspected member of Revolutionary Struggle who was killed in a shootout with police in Athens in March.