Rizai convicted for jailbreak

A court yesterday sentenced the Albanian convict Alket Rizai to 25 years and 10 months in jail after finding him guilty on a string of charges linked to his escape from Korydallos Prison in a helicopter in February 2009 along with Vassilis Palaiocostas. Rizai was found guilty of membership in a criminal organization, possession of firearms and explosives, commandeering an aircraft, hostage taking, disruption of air space safety and escaping from jail. Rizai’s girlfriend Aspasia Mitropia was also found guilty on similar charges and sentenced to 13 years and five months in jail. After the judge issued the verdict, Rizai shouted at the prosecutor, «You’ll have to answer to the Sect of Revolutionaries,» referring to the terrorist group that has claimed responsibility for the murder of 41-year-old policeman Nektarios Savvas last year and journalist Sokratis Giolias in July of this year.