Hike in cost of transport tickets

The cost of using public transport is set to increase by up to 40 percent from the start of next month in a bid to bring some much-needed funds into the debt-ridden companies managing the network, sources have told Kathimerini. A 90-minute travelcard that can be used on all modes of transport in Athens currently costs 1 euro, but as of February 1 it is due to be replaced by two more expensive options. A 1.20-euro ticket will allow passengers to use any mode of transport bar the metro for a single journey. There will also be a 1.40-euro ticket that will be valid for 90 minutes and which can be used for metro journeys as well. It is expected that the price hikes, due to be announced in the next few days, will bring in an extra 80 million euros this year for the Athens Urban Transport Organization (OASA). The government is also examining proposals involving the merger of companies that run the various modes of transport in a bid for more efficiency and lower costs.