Six doctors on bribe charges

According to sources, a prosecutor has decided to press felony charges against six state hospital doctors, some of whom have served as heads of orthopedic departments, for allegedly accepting under-the-table payments from DePuy Inc, a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson, to agree to buy supplies from the UK-based firm. Appeals court prosecutor Anna Zairi began her probe in January 2009 and has concluded after inspecting, among other things, a number of bank accounts and tax declarations that the six doctors should face charges. However, sources added that the investigation would continue into the activities of other doctors as well as DePuy executives. A former executive of DePuy International, Robert John Dougall, was jailed in the UK last year after being found guilty of making illegal payments to doctors in the Greek public healthcare system connected to the supply of orthopedic products between February 2002 and December 2005.