The new roads around Omonia

Historic Omonia Square at the heart of the Greek capital is being prepared for a face-lift, and along with that come traffic flow changes for vehicles in and around the square. As of late this Friday night, midnight to be specific, traffic police will put into force the new traffic regulations and drivers will be called upon to adjust to a broad array of changes which will include one- and two-way streets, as well as circulation restrictions on a number of streets around Omonia Square. This will be the start of permanent changes and drivers will have to forget the traditional circular movement of vehicles around Omonia. New traffic signs to dictate the new flow of traffic are already in place, and they will be unveiled on midnight Friday – and into the early hours on Saturday. The measures will be tested by the authorities over the weekend, when traffic is somewhat lighter than during weekdays. Nevertheless, as a number of problems are expected to arise from these modifications, a large number of police officers will be positioned to direct traffic in and around Omonia Square and to inform drivers of the new regulations. Moreover, the traffic police advises drivers to be especially cautious, to forget what they previously knew about the circulation of vehicles in the streets around Omonia, to comply with instructions from traffic police officers and to be aware of the new traffic signs. Specifically, according to the new circulation changes: -A section of Pireos Street from Menandrou Street to Omonia Square will become a one-way street. Public transportation buses (blue buses) are excluded from this restriction as that section of road will serve as a bus lane, moving against the general flow of traffic. This lane will also be used at night, from 9:30 p.m. to 6 a.m., for the supply vehicles that serve the businesses in the district. -A section of Aghiou Constantinou Street, from Omonia to Karaiskaki Square, will become a one-way street. -A section of Nikiforou Street, from Zinonos Street to Aghiou Constantinou, becomes one-way. -A section of Akominatou Street, from Aghiou Constantinou Street to Deligiorgi Street, becomes a one-way street. -Vehicles will be banned from circulation on a section of Athinas Street, from Omonia Square to Lykourgou Street. Trolleys and blue buses are excluded from this restriction, as well as supply vehicles – from 9:30 p.m. to 6 a.m. -Vehicles will be banned from circulation on a section of Zinonos Street, from Nikiforou Street to Deligiorgi Street. -A section of Aeolou Street, between Panepistimiou and Stadiou streets becomes open to two-way traffic. -A section of Omonia Square’s central traffic circle, between Panepistimiou and Aghiou Constantinou streets, becomes a two-way road. -Vehicles will be banned from circulating on a section of Omonia’s circle, between 3rd Septemvriou and Aghiou Constantinou. Trolleys are exempted from this restriction. -A section of Socratous Street, from Aghiou Constantinou to Pireos Street, becomes a bus lane. Listen to traffic police In an effort to better serve those drivers who will be driving in and around Omonia Square this weekend and from now on, traffic police suggest that they follow the following routes: -From Karaiskaki Square to Stadiou Street (through Omonia Square): The route will be better served from Deligiorgi and Pireos streets. -From Panepistimiou to Gazi (through Omonia Square): The route will be better served from Aghiou Constantinou and Menandrou streets. -From Pireos Street to 3rd Septemvriou: The route will be better served via the southern section of Omonia Square, Aeolou and Panepistimiou streets. -From Pireos to Karaiskaki Square: The route will be better served through Voulgari, Nikiforou and Aghiou Constantinou streets.

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