Antiquities on Schinias 2004 site?

Ancient building remains dating from the third millennium to the fourth century BC have been unearthed on an Olympics construction site near Marathon, according to information made available to Kathimerini, in an area which the government claims was covered by the sea in ancient times. Sources told Kathimerini that the remains at Schinias, which apparently belong to both private dwellings and public buildings, were discovered – and abruptly end – at the edge of one of the two artificial lakes dug to host the rowing events for the Athens 2004 Olympics. The discovery of any antiquities on the construction site, a few kilometers east of the modern village of Marathon and on the site where the final part of the 490 BC Battle of Marathon was fought, would deeply embarrass the government, which is under constant pressure from the International Olympic Committee to get on with the 2004 venues. Building work could be halted until the remains are properly excavated, while if the antiquities are judged to be sufficiently important, venue plans may have to be changed.