Police solve Ilion and Nea Smyrni stabbings

Five Albanian nationals are being sought in connection with a vicious knife attack in an Athens bar that left one employee dead and another four people wounded, police said yesterday. Arrest warrants have been issued against Stiljan Suli, 26, Elton Sehu, 22, Blendi Bathaz, 25, Luli Hodo,19, and Manola Lito, 27, over the June 11 stabbings at the Notte bar at 171 Eleftheriou Venizelou Street in Nea Smyrni. Police said Lito, a Notte waitress sacked on June 10 after an argument with fellow workers, arranged for the four men to take revenge on her behalf. They walked into the bar and started stabbing staff and patrons, leaving disc jockey Christos Stavrou dead. Also yesterday, police said they had arrested Ioannis Grispas, 25, for the stabbing murder of two Albanians during a street fight between over a dozen Greeks and Albanians in Ilion, western Athens, on August 30.