Coroner to help with walnut-picker tragedy

A coroner’s report is expected to shed light on the mysterious double death of a northern Greek couple during a nut-picking excursion, police said yesterday. Police in the Thracian prefecture of Rhodope said yesterday the bodies of a 41-year-old man and his 35-year-old wife were found in close proximity to each other in a forest near the village of Nymfaia, in the Komotini area. The man was found hanged from a tree bough, while his wife lay dead a few meters away beside a sack of walnuts. A coroner found that the woman had suffered a fatal heart attack. He ruled out the possibility of foul play, but was unable yesterday to determine which of the two had died first. It was unclear whether the woman had a heart attack after seeing her husband’s body, or whether the man – who had a history of mental illness, took his own life out of grief over his wife’s sudden demise.