Police enforce obscure law on elderly cyclist

An elderly Cephalonia cyclist who was knocked over by a car has been slapped with an 18-euro fine for riding without bicycle registration papers and an insurance policy, according to a press report yesterday. The reputable Eleftherotypia daily said Kyriakos Kavalieratos, 70, from the island capital of Argostoli, was knocked off his bicycle a few days ago by a car that suddenly swerved in front of him as he was cycling on the streets of Argostoli. «My foot and hand were hurting, and my bicycle was a write-off,» he said. «So I called the police.» When officers arrived on the spot, they promptly fined the retired builder for cycling without registration and insurance papers. Under Article 88 of the newly revised highway code, all vehicles, including bicycles and animal-drawn carts, must have registration papers and number plates. But this is very rarely enforced.