Serres pensioner stabs, routs armed burglars

Two knife-wielding, hooded burglars got more than they had bargained for when they broke into a pensioner’s home early yesterday in a small village near the northern town of Serres. Kato Mitroussi resident Maria Grepsiou, 66, was asleep in bed when the men burst into her room after midnight and, threatening her with a knife, demanded that she hand over her savings. But the pensioner immediately took the offensive and grabbed the knife, with which she stabbed one of the intruders in the hands and stomach. As Grepsiou started to call for help, the two gave up and ran off into the night. Serres police are now monitoring local hospitals, health centers and surgeries, in the belief that the wounded burglar will soon be forced to seek medical attention. Serres police chief Dimitrios Intos told Kathimerini his men are close to arresting the two.