‘Plucky’ pensioner just wanted her man back

After leading police a merry dance for three days, a pensioner who claimed to have disarmed, wounded and routed a couple of nocturnal intruders in her home in northern Greece last week admitted yesterday that she had invented the story to teach her errant husband a lesson. Maria Grepsiou, 66, became a minor media star after telling police on Friday that she had got the better of two knife-wielding, hooded burglars who broke into her house in the village of Kato Mitroussi, near Serres, while she was in bed. She claimed to have grabbed the knife and stabbed one of the men. But police found that the red stains on the knife and her clothes were caused by tomato paste, not blood. Grepsiou owned up, saying she had wanted to scare her 70-year-old husband, who spent most of the day at the village coffee shop, into keeping her company at home. She was charged with perjury and wasting police time.