Greek man injured in Bali blast

At least one Greek man was injured and another was missing among the hundreds of tourists from Europe, South America, Asia and the United States who were killed or injured in the terrorist bombing of a packed night spot on the Indonesian resort island of Bali late on Saturday. President Megawati Sukarnoputri said yesterday at least 182 people were killed and another 281 injured when a car bomb devastated two night clubs packed with tourists at Kuta, an international holiday destination. In Athens, the Foreign Ministry press office said that Dimitris Kalligas had been injured and that a friend with whom he was traveling was among the missing. The ministry did not provide the name of the missing person. The Greek Embassy in Indonesia told the ministry that Kalligas was operated on and was doing well. There were no further details of his condition. The two tourists were apparently not part of a group. There was a possibility that other Greeks who were on package tours could be victims as relatives were calling the Foreign Ministry, saying that they were unable to find them by telephone.