Syngrou Ave to shrink for Fix car park works

From tomorrow night, Athens drivers will be bedeviled by yet another sizable obstacle due to works on the capital’s major roads ahead of the 2004 Olympics. Construction of a new underground parking lot, combined with a bus terminal and a 2,300-square-meter park at ground level, beside the old Fix beer factory on Syngrou Avenue, will force builders to claim the adjacent traffic lane on the main thoroughfare linking the city center with Faliron and the coastal suburbs. As a result, the central partition on Syngrou Avenue will be moved into the Faliron-bound traffic lanes, which will be reduced from three to two, while the Athens-bound lanes will remain three. The whole area is already congestion-prone, due to the Fix traffic lights and the presence of bus stops and the Fix metro station. The six-level, 660-space car park is scheduled for completion in May 2004.