Big payout for unwanted ad

A law protecting consumers from aggressive marketing has led to a 5,869-euro (2-million-drachma) compensation payment to a person who had made an official declaration that he did not want to receive unsolicited advertising material, but whose particulars were made available for this purpose without his consent. «This law is being activated for the first time,» lawyer Panayiotis Armamentos told Kathimerini, «and it is very important that every citizen knows that he or she can benefit from the provisions of the law to protect themselves from those who persist in obtaining personal information, such as names and addresses, and sending advertisements.» «After this first implementation of the law, all of that will change,» he said. Law 2472 has been in effect for six years and 385 people have registered their names under Article 13. This was the first case in which one of those registered filed a suit for illegal delivery of advertising material and invasion of privacy.