New charges for Yotopoulos

The alleged mastermind of the November 17 terrorist group, Alexandros Yotopoulos, has been presented with supplementary charges of complicity in all the group’s attacks, a source close to the investigation said yesterday. This would imply that judicial officials feel in a position to openly accuse the 58-year-old Paris-educated mathematician of leading the leftist group since its foundation in 1975. Yotopoulos, who has denied all previous charges, is to testify today in connection with the supplementary accusations – which, according to the source, take up 600 sheets of typescript. Tomorrow, alleged N17 assassin Savvas Xeros is to testify regarding 10 supplementary charges. This will denote the end of the first phase of the investigation, as Xeros is expected to be the last of the 18 remanded N17 suspects to be summoned for additional testimony. Yesterday, Pavlos Serifis, Iraklis Costaris and Constantinos Karatsolis refused to testify regarding supplementary charges.