Dilts to Greeks: Use elements from the mindset of game changers and make the difference in your own environment

Dilts to Greeks: Use elements from the mindset of game changers and make the difference in your own environment

"When asked what he was doing in front of his computer, Jobs answered: I’m changing the world."

"Elon Musk is constantly experimenting with his limits."

"Disney had said: I don’t know what my next film will be, I only know it will be big and glittering."

These are only a few of the examples of game changers, Robert Dilts analyzed during the presentation of his innovative Success Factor Modeling SFM™ in the 2-day Signature Class Νext Generation Entrepreneurs – The Difference that Makes the Difference that took place in Athens on February 7 and 8.

In a packed Music Library of Greece “Lilian Voudouri” at the Athens Concert Hall, the expert in the study of genius thinking and creator of the internationally renowned Success Factor Modeling SFM™ presented his model to top executives, academics and young professionals, answering a series of questions: What are the parameters that define the success of some people? How can we create the conditions in our own environment to develop a way of thinking similar to that of game changers? Are we born to succeed or can we learn to succeed? And what about the luck factor?

The main conclusions of the Signature Class can be summarized as follows:

It all has to do with mindset. A common feature of people that stand out is their different way of thinking, which is driven by passion, providing the necessary energy to the person.

Vision and mission, also, include elements of passion but have to be associated with something more tangible. SFM™ associates vision and mission with ambition for the first time.

Ambition – a point where various ventures usually fail – is translated into specific actions and results, and its fulfilment does not involve just the ego but also the need to contribute to society, in general.

A condition, in SFM™, for adopting this mindset is to assume, delve into and develop the roles necessary in a venture, as well as to utilize collective intelligence as success factor.

Dilts believes that we can adopt features of game changers and create our own cycleof success, as long as we take into account that:

Realizing the above, has to be taken into account along with other components of the ecosystem.

Any exaggeration, such as excessive ambition without vision, to the detriment of other factors, can cause huge imbalances in the ecosystem of a person or a business entity, with negative consequences.

An adverse environment can limit a person’s mindset, discouraging them from moving on. The failure of most ventures is not due to the environment, but to internal doubt or lack of flexibility and adaptation to the constantly evolving environment.

Networking and cultivating relationships with stakeholders contribute to success.

The elevator pitch, that can persuade and attract financial supporters, is not focused on products and services, but on vision and mission.

Luck is the meeting of preparation and opportunity.

Robert Dilts thanked the organizers as well as the audience for their active participation and their  will and commitment to try this innovative approach. He also promised to return to Greece in order to continue the analysis of the mindset of Greek entrepreneurs in their tough operating environment.

The event was organized by Synolic® Development Systems and was placed under the Auspices of the American-Hellenic Chamber of Commerce.

For more information:

Yanis Athanasopoulos E: [email protected],  Τ: 210 62 33 450 – 2
About Synolic ® Development Systems: Synolic ® Development Systems specializes in integrating and applying the latest discoveries in the mechanics of mindset, in leading-edge scientific approaches and whole brain models, to release resourcefulness and generativity in people’s ventures on multiple levels. Allying with a global network of strategic experts, it aims at organizations and professionals to impact and succeed in shifting to new paradigms, to accelerate in a fastmoving world, to consistently reach a successful outcome or to achieve something remarkable.

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