Defying belief…

No way. I can’t believe that there are journalists, channel directors or editors who are capable of blackmailing public figures in the financial and political spheres, nor that the latter are corruptible by such media types. That would mean believing that there are people in our country, where the law prevails over every aspect of public life, who occupy one or two television stations – although they have no right to do so – which they often sell or rent for a big profit to other law-abiding news enthusiasts. One would also need to believe that there are sharp-witted party officials willing to support spurious publications and channels with under-the-table payments in order to blackmail enemies as well as friends who become a nuisance. It is inconceivable that there are some journalists partaking of unofficial ministry funds in order to perform their «national duty,» or others who dedicate themselves wholeheartedly to the Olympic Games in exchange for a tidy sum. Surely such inconceivable things don’t happen, can’t happen. If they were happening, we would have become accustomed to seeing journalists, governors, state intelligence service officials, policemen and businessmen working simultaneously as middlemen. And we haven’t seen such things. Unless our eyes are deceiving us.

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