There are many questions left uncovered by the snow

There are many questions left uncovered by the snow

Is there any “extreme phenomenon” left to convince us that the world we knew is no longer the same? That new needs have forever buried all the old frameworks of solving problems and managing crises? They have been buried under tons of ashes – left behind by the great wildfires – water from deadly floods – or snow, like that which fell in Attica.

Everything points to the need for inspiration, new goals, ideas and actions. The old ways have completely failed, and with them certain beliefs. They include ideas on how to hold people accountable during a crisis. How can one choose to continue to rebuke changes on a losing side? A different issue is the monetary compensation for those struck by any sort of disaster. From a theoretical imperative choice, it has been cheapened, due to the many years of misuse, into an “easy way out” for those in charge. They are easily announced, almost like paying someone off, but it is even easier to delay giving out the money. As of Monday, we have a new cog in the system. Compensation was announced for drivers stranded on the Attiki Odos ring road as well as for passengers on certain TrainOSE routes. We have yet to learn the formula used to establish that the former deserved 2,000 euros in compensation and the latter half of that.

We should already be aware of the reasoning. In the same vein, we should be informed why, for example, Katehaki Avenue (located between two main Athenian thoroughfares, Kifissias and Mesogeion avenues) remained closed until Monday afternoon. We should be informed why citizens were left having to move their stranded cars on Mesogeion Avenue alone, or why the army’s intervention on the Attiki Odos occurred at such a delay and in a manner that was unbefitting of the critical issue at stake, that is the thousands of people stranded in their cars. The list of questions is long, similar to that list of longstanding issues affecting the Greek government and political system. We do not have the luxury for any more delays, or merely looking for easy ways out.

The quest for difficult answers and choices is imperative. These answers, as a start, could be sought by those in power in what they would suggest or demand as a responsible political party if they were in opposition and the other party had the responsibility of governance.

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