February 1, 1953

CONSTRUCTION OF CHURCHES: The work of reconstructing churches destroyed during the war, a project which Archbishop Spyridon of Athens has undertaken, has been progressing apace. Between June 1951, when work began, and August 1952, 800 churches were repaired throughout the country. Of the 310 new churches being built, 80 have been completed, 60 have been roofed, and on another 80, the walls have been completed. (…) This major project has been funded by a collection and the labor of local residents, which has accounted for about 60 percent of the work done. ABOLITION OF RATIONING: As of today, rationing is now over around the country. Commenting on the move, Panayiotis Papaligouras said that the State will deregulate commerce and would intervene only if needed and in an absolutely strict manner. SEPARATION OF PRISONERS: Following an agreement between the ministers for the interior and justice, it has been decided that communist prisoners are from now on to be detained separately from other prisoners convicted under the criminal code. TAPING OF MINUTES: Sessions of the municipal councils are, as of late, being recorded on tape, from which the minutes are then transcribed. CINEMA: «The Little Chauffeur,» by Giorgos Tzavellas, starring Mimis Fotopoulos, Smaroula Yiouli, Sperantza Vrana and Nikos Rizos.