An extreme case

As an American living in Greece, I object to your simplistic observation that the «Iraqi situation» is only about oil (Jan. 30). I, just as every other civilized human being, am opposed to war of any kind. However, in extreme cases it may be the only solution; the least worst solution. What would Europe look like if America had sat on its hands as Hitler stormed through Europe? How many would be dead in Bosnia, or orphans, if America hadn’t led NATO to a quick and decisive victory over ethnic cleansing and dictatorship? And in Afghanistan, those filthy Americans liberated millions of people who can now go to school, dance and sing and vote, and worst of all, actually stop killing each other. The United Nations passed unanimous resolutions requiring that Iraq disarm. This was never accomplished as Iraq expelled the UN inspectors. There is in Iraq today tons of chemical and biological [weapons], far worse than any explosive munitions – all under one of the worst delusional dictators in the world, who will do anything to stay in power. Yes oil plays a role, but it will be… returned to the people of Iraq to help them rebuild their country; just as Europe has done, Serbia is doing, and Afghanistan has begun. Let’s not forget what this is really all about.