February 2, 1953

ABOLITION OF RATIONING: As of yesterday, rationing has been abolished around the country. Commenting on the move, Panayiotis Papaligouras said that the State will deregulate commerce and would intervene only if it were necessary and in an absolutely strict manner. SEPARATION OF PRISONERS: Following an agreement between the ministers of the interior and justice, it has been decided that communist prisoners from now on are to be detained separately from other prisoners. THEATER: Mrs Katerina’s theater company is having its final dress rehearsal at the Piraeus Municipal Theater tonight for its performance of the Patrick Hamilton’s detective story «Gaslight,» which is to premiere tomorrow night. «Gaslight» is being directed by Mr Takis Mouzenidis, and apart from Mrs Katerina herself, the stars will be Manos Katrakis and Thodoros Moridis. HOT DOGS: Athens is being Americanized. Ordinary sandwiches sold by street vendors are now being replaced by the famous «hot dogs,» rolls with sausages, that are popular in America. The vendors, who are doing brisk trade, boil the sausages in metal cans, which are perfectly clean. PIRAEUS-ATHENS 4-0: About 10,000 people watched yesterday’s match at the Panathinaikos stadium between the mixed teams of Athens and Piraeus in aid of the Greek Welfare organization. The Piraeus team beat Athens 4-0. The goals were scored by Karpathakis (2), Symeonidis and Kokkinakis.