February 5, 1953

COSTAS AXELOS: Costas Axelos, a Greek who lives in Paris and whose book titled «Philosophical Treatises» was published recently in Athens, has been granted a teaching appointment at the University of Paris on the subject «An Introduction to Ancient Greek Philosophy.» Costas Axelos also works in the philosophy department of the French Education Ministry. GREEK AID TO VICTIMS OF FLOODING: At a meeting yesterday, the government’s coordinating council decided to send shipments of raisins and wine to flood victims in Britain, Belgium and the Netherlands. The following announcement was issued: «The Greek government, as an expression of the Greek people’s deep sympathy for the victims of the recent major flooding of areas of Britain, the Netherlands and Belgium, has decided to send to each of the governments of these countries a shipment of 25 tons of currants, 25 tons of raisins and 15 tons of Samos wine. This constitutes Greece’s contribution to relieving their plight, and taking into consideration the limited financial capacity of our country, it will be seen as a tangible indication of solidarity between the Greek nation and its friends and allies in Britain, the Netherlands and Belgium, and as Greece’s contribution to the effort to relieve these victims of a natural disaster.»