February 6, 1953

WOE TO THE DEFEATED: London, 5 – Interesting details about how the defeated Greek outlaws are living (…) have been reported by refugees in Hamburg, who managed to escape from East Germany after undergoing great hardships. According to these reports, about 4,500 Greeks have been handed over by the Kremlin to the Polish authorities for settlement in territories between the Oder and Neisse rivers to replace Germans who had been removed from the area. The Greek outlaws are already the largest ethnic group among the various communist populations that have asked to settle in the Red Paradise, including Chinese, Yugoslavs and American Negroes. These groups are used for hard labor in munitions factories, and are paid very low wages. The Greeks, however, many of whom are seamen, have settled around areas such as Danzig, where they have been assigned as crews on Soviet and Polish ships transporting war materials to Red China, as land transport across Russia via the Trans-Siberian Railroad is problematic. DIMITRIS HORAFAS: The Greek maestro Dimitris Horafas is to direct the Paris Radio Symphony Orchestra on Sunday. The concert will be broadcast at 8 p.m. Athens time from Paris (Paris-Enterre) by short wave and will include Brahms’s First Symphony, Skalkottas’s Four Greek Dances and Stravinsky’s ballet suite «The Firebird.»