February 7, 1953

TITO-STEPHANOPOULOS: Brioni, 6 – A meeting held here yesterday afternoon between Greek Foreign Minister Stephanos Stephanopoulos and the president of Yugoslavia, Field Marshal Tito, was extremely cordial. During the half-hour meeting, they held an initial exchange of views in the presence of Messrs. Popovic and Kardelli and ambassadors Kapetanidis and Jovanovic. During the evening, the Yugoslav president held a dinner in honor of Mr Stephanopoulos, which was marked by a happy atmosphere. The content of the speeches was significant and touched on events beyond the Balkans themselves. CONVICT POPULATION: According to information made available by the Justice Ministry, the number of prison inmates, including those remanded for trial in Greece as of January 1, totals 10,901, of which 5,300 are communists. On November 1, 1952, there were 11,443 prisoners, of whom 5,622 were communists (…). Between October 1951 and November 1952, the Plastiras-Venizelos government released 8,475 communists from prison. PLASTIRAS INDISPOSED: New York, 6 – The health of the former prime minister, Mr Nikolaos Plastiras, continues to be extremely poor, and he is practically confined to his bed. Therefore, he has not been able to return to Greece.