February 14, 1953

AGREEMENT ON LAKE KOPAIS: Yesterday afternoon the prime minister, Field Marshal Alexandros Papagos, chaired a meeting of the government’s coordinating council. (…) The defense minister, Mr Panayiotis Kanellopoulos, (…) briefed the council members on his talks with British Ambassador Sir Charles Peake on the question of Lake Kopais and on the agreement that had been reached. According to information at hand, the British, who were demanding compensation of 2,050,000 pounds, have backed down and agreed to accept the lesser amount of 1,800,000 pounds. They also agreed that part of this payment be in the form of a purchase of goods bought by the Greek government and confiscated by Britain before Greece was invaded by Italy and thereby entered the war. The settlement of this account had not been completed. A credit balance of 1,500,000 pounds in favor of Greece has been found which will increase when the settlement is eventually paid. The remaining amount will not be higher than 250,000 pounds, and is to be paid in installments. NATIONAL THEATER: An order has been forwarded for signature regarding the appointment of Messrs K. Kyriakopoulos, D. Kokkinos, N. Vlachou and K. Papalexandrou as advisers to the National Theater.