February 17, 1953

Lentils I: The Trade Undersecretariat has announced that it has ordered the free sale of imported beans at 4,900 drachmas per oka (about 1.2 kilos) wholesale in Volos, Patras, Thessaloniki and Kavala. It will later order the sale of beans in other cities. Within the next few days two cargoes of pulses are expected to arrive. CARNIVAL I: The «crazy» carnival is over. Manic dancers and merrymakers, all those who would never miss out on the carnival celebrations, must have been pleased with this year’s festival. it was lively, fun and not spoiled by the influenza epidemic, which was not serious, or by the weather, which was almost spring-like. Dancing at the nightclubs, at tavernas and in homes was frenetic, not only in Athens but in Patras, where this year’s carnival traffic was unprecedented. CARNIVAL II: Patras, 9 – On Sunday morning all churches issued a circular from Bishop Theoklitos of Patras, which condemned the carnival festivities as idolatrous and characterized them as «an attempt to bring back the ancient Saturnalia and Bacchanalia. It also urged people to avoid these festivities. LENTILS II: The free sale of lentils has been ordered at the following wholesale prices: lentils from Turkey 5,200 (drachmas per oka), from Algeria 5,500 and domestic 5,500.