February 18, 1953

TRIPARTITE I: Tripartite talks between representatives of the foreign ministers of Greece, Italy and Yugoslavia aimed at reaching a final political treaty within the framework determined by bilateral meetings between governments, are to begin tomorrow in Athens. TRIPARTITE II: According to a telegram from Ankara, military talks began yesterday between representatives of the Army General Staff of Greece, Turkey and Yugoslavia, aimed at concluding a military treaty to coordinate the defense of the three countries. GENERAL PLASTIRAS: At 3 a.m. today, the leader of the EPEK party, Mr Nikolaos Plastiras, returned by air from the United States of America. Many of his friends were at the airport to welcome him. KING PAVLOS: London, 16 – King Pavlos of Greece has been named by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II as an honorary second admiral of the British fleet. (…) The fleet has only three other honorary admirals – the kings of Norway, Denmark and Sweden. GEORGIOS MAVROS: The marriage of Mr Georgios Mavros and Miss Eleni G. Nikolaou was celebrated in the Anglican Church of Monte Carlo on Sunday (February 15). After the ceremony a reception was held at the Hotel de Paris. SOCCER: PAO-Apollon 1-0, AEK-ASTIR 6-2, Panionios-Fostir 4-1, Olympiakos-Proodeftiki 4-1.