RCC must work too

You wrote: «The patriarch is regarded as a traitor by some Orthodox zealots due to his attempts to mend fences with the Roman Catholics.» I am, by far, not a zealot. I have been, and always will be, a moderate. Mending fences indicates that work must come from both sides. The RCC is mired in heresy. When and «if» it amends those heresies, it can rejoin the One True Church. Vartholomaios wants to bring the Orthodox Church down to the level of the RCC. He accepts the concept that in the Body of Christ there are two lungs, one East and one West. He stops short of a complete diagnosis…«IF» the analogy were correct, then one lung, the Western one, would be cancerous and need immediate removal, lest the cancer spread to the One Good lung… the East. And spread it has… While celebrating the Divine Liturgy in Ravenna, his All-Holiness gave the Holy Mysteries to non-Orthodox. When this was brought to his attention, he blamed his deacon for lack of vigilance. Is he so blind that he could not see that the church was packed with Roman Catholic heretics? The «Bishop» of Rome is worse than the Turk. The Turk destroyed our bodies, and maybe our spirit, but the «Bishop» of Rome destroys our souls. You ought be ashamed of yourself. Three cheers for Bishop Panteleimon of Thessaloniki! God grant him many years! BISHOP ELIAS (SHYNKYEVITCH), Bishop of San Francisco, Independent Greek Orthodox Church of the United States, Old Calendar