February 22, 1953

LAMBETI-HORN: From a review by Emilios Hourmouzios of a performance of Ibsen’s play «The Doll’s House» by the theater company headed by Elli Lambeti, Dimitris Horn and Giorgos Pappas: «(…) Miss Lambeti’s pretty dresses and Mr Horn’s sideburns are not enough to create that special something (Ed. note: Ibsen’s climate). Early on in the play, the little doll trilled charmingly. Moreover, the star’s beautiful face is always a joy to behold, a magnet that attracts the audience’s attention and – in an act of courage that transcend her abilities – its approval. However, her voice often lost its equilibrium and the final syllables of her words, perhaps because she had to express a great deal of anxiety, were often suffocated in the effort and the result was a continual imbalance. In addition, Mr Horn showed in this Ibsen drama – which was not at all in the Ibsen style – that he was frequently out of his depth.» MAKARIOS: London, 20 – Archbishop Makarios of Cyprus had a long meeting today with the Anglican primate, the Archbishop of Canterbury in Lambeth. (…) This afternoon Makarios held a press conference at his hotel and, referring to the referendum of January 1950 (on the union of Cyprus with Greece), said that Britain had ignored the results of that referendum and added: «We are prepared to hold another referendum on the condition that this time the (British) administration of Cyprus recognizes the results.»