February 26, 1953

AMERICAN AID: It was announced last night (February 24) that the economic adviser to the mission of the Organization for Mutual Aid, Mr Edward Tennenbaum, has resigned. (…) US officials said that Mr Tennenbaum had informed the head of mission, Mr Burrows, that for family reasons he felt forced to resign his post and return to the USA by June 15. Economic and political circles are impressed by the event, given the mission’s slant toward an anti-inflationary policy since the arrival of Mr Tennenbaum, a policy which the previous government of the center had favored by implementing a strict austerity program, the results of which the present government of the Greek Rally party is now having to deal with. TRIPARTITE: At the Foreign Ministry yesterday, the tripartite Balkan Political Treaty was signed by the foreign ministers of Greece, Mr S. Stephanopoulos, Yugoslavia, Mr Popovic, and the Turkish permanent undersecretary, Mr Birgi. EMIGRATION: Over 100 Greeks have emigrated on the oceangoing ship Nea Hellas for Brazil. Most of them are skilled workers, such as builders, rail workers, carpenters, cabinetmakers and electricians. ANGELOS EVERT: On Sunday (February 22), Athens Police Chief Angelos Evert held a dinner for the prime minister and Mrs Alexandros Papagos, the finance minister and Mrs K. Papayiannis, the interior minister and Mrs P. Lykourezos, the labor minister and Mrs E. Gonis, Mr and Mrs H. Zalokostas, Mr Kyrtis and others.