February 27, 1953

GOLFIS-ATHANASSIADIS: During yesterday’s session of the Athens Academy, when a vote was held to elect the new permanent chair in literature, neither of the two candidates (Messrs Rigas Golfis and Georgios Athanassiadis-Novas) obtained the majority required by the Academy’s rules, which is half plus one of all active members present. Therefore the chair will not be filled. NATIONALIST BOOTMAKERS: The members of the Nationalist Bootmakers’ Association of Athens and Piraeus are requested to exercise their right to vote in a ballot for the association’s officials this coming Sunday. (…) RADIO PLAY: Today at 9.15 p.m., Athens Radio will a broadcast a performance of Shakespeare’s «Othello» in the translation by K. Karthaios. The performance will be directed by Mr Mitsos Lygizos. The part of Othello will be played by Mr Dimitris Myrat and Iago by Mr Dimitris Horn. Also taking part are the actresses Anna Synodinou, Eleni Zafeiriou, Louisa Podimata and Messrs Lykourgos Kallergis, I. Apostolidis, T. Galanos, Andreas Philippidis and A. Deliyiannis. The musical direction is by Mr Spyros Skiadaresis. EMIGRATION: Over 100 Greeks have emigrated on the oceangoing ship Nea Hellas for Brazil. Most of them are skilled workers, such as builders, railworkers, carpenters, cabinetmakers and electricians.