Democratizing urge

The «great white» race of the West has always been superior. And being superior, it cannot but concern itself with inferior (black, yellow or red) peoples. So, first these righteous ones took it upon themselves to civilize the uncivilized, that is to wipe out indigenous cultures and to violently impose in their place their own more sophisticated, imported model. They then imposed Christianity on countless «pagans,» using the whip, the spear, the musket and death. Later, they decided it was time to democratize these races. All the empires which preceded the American one – the Spanish, the French, the British – acted in the same way: imposing civilization, Christianity, democracy (the Soviet empire had a different stated aim but used the same methods). Our witnesses are the people of Africa, South and Latin America and the East. The USA has a glittering past record in democracy transplants, to which it has been enthusiastically applying itself since deciding that its lebensraum actually extends to the whole planet. Not even one despotic state survived its impulse to democratize. The passion for democracy of this country’s leaders and their benevolent secret services is so great that it drives them to costly endeavors, even to wrongdoing, as the end always justifies the means. Who can forget the savagely democratic military coup in Greece, or the democracy transplant in Chile which resulted in the death or disappearance of thousands of people but saved the country from accursed Communism?

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