. ..In a recent article in the Guardian newspaper, George Monbiot interpreted the Nobel Peace Prize as an act by a new McCarthyism. Monbiot elaborated on other nominees for the prize, such as Women in Black, who have risked their lives next to Palestinians or confronted war criminals in the Balkans. The FBI now labels their actions as potentially terrorist and does the same with the actions of harmless groups which nourish romantic dreams (such as Reclaim the Streets, who hold carnival parties in an attempt to drive cars out of the center of London). As the writer says, the new anti-terrorist bill redefines crime so broadly that members of Greenpeace are in danger of being treated like members of Al-Qaeda. In other words, anyone who questions, anyone who expresses disagreement or demands human rights, justice and pluralism risks being labeled a potential terrorist. As bombs keep falling along with food packages, in the most baroque science-fiction scenario ever made, skepticism is the only weapon to defend democracy. The dogma if you’re not with us, you’re against us is what poses the greatest danger to democracy. The right to question is the only genuinely romantic American dream that we have embraced when watching sloppy films and reading American novels. No one can take this away from us in the name of fear, despotism or totalitarianism. Initial judgment of the new government synthesis is a positive one. However, governments are, as always, judged by their deeds and not by first impressions. And the new government and the prime minister himself will be judged by this criteria. What is called for is effectiveness in tackling the country’s problems as well as improved government performance.

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