A new modus operandi

Greece’s power-sharing government must find a way to stay on track.

A snap election, as suggested by some out there, would not solve the country’s problems but rather strengthen existing political and economic deadlocks and throw the debt-wracked nation into turmoil.

It would be suicidal to perpetuate the current impasse because of a decision made over the fate of the national broadcaster, ERT.

ERT can and must be turned into a European-level state broadcaster run by capable and independent staff. Antonis Samaras, the conservative leader of the government coalition, and his junior partners ought to reach a new modus operandi. Any deal reached between the coalition partners must also address the handling of the main issues ahead, such as layoffs in the public sector as demanded by the nation’s international creditors. Samaras has shown that he has the courage to take difficult decisions, but now his partners must agree to this.

A greater degree of understanding and maturity would be the safest path for the country.