Set on causing trouble

It has become abundantly obvious that there are certain groups of troublemakers trying to stir up a repeat of the events of December 2008, when rampaging youths caused widespread damage to public property all over Athens.

What?s more, these groups are ready to do everything it takes in order to accomplish this end.

The events that have taken place at Athens University?s Law School and the attack by fascist gangs on politicians right in the center of the capital proves that these groups believe that the country is wide open in terms of security and public order.

If the state, with the support of Greece?s leading political parties, fails to impose some order, this bonanza of violence and impunity will continue.

This is a time for bold decisions, and the government should finally adopt opposition leader Antonis Samaras?s proposal to have university asylum abolished, and draw some lines explaining to immigrants in this country what is and what is not allowed.