Border fence is the right defense

An initiative announced by Citizens? Protection Minister Christos Papoutsis to erect a barrier along one part of the Greek-Turkish border in order to curb the flow of illegal immigrants into the country was a very positive move that will yield results.

Those who are opposed to the idea should first come up with alternative proposals on ways to deal with the issue of illegal migration. Most importantly, though, they should also be aware of the magnitude of this problem for a country like Greece, on the threshold of Europe, and especially when it is facing the economic difficulties that it is.

The bottom line, however, is that no country can be expected not to do as good a job as possible to safeguards its borders, especially when the state spends billions of euros a year doing just that.

Greece cannot afford to continue having such porous borders; its points of entry should be well defined and open only to those who have a legal right to enter the country.