Judges left open to attack

Any self-respecting state has a duty above all else to protect the people who have taken on the onerous and arduous task of upholding and ultimately applying the law.

Recent attacks against the judiciary — such as the large bomb that went off outside the Athens Court of First Instance in Ambelokipi just after Christmas, causing widespread damage to the building though no casualties, as well as the more recent threats against judges hearing the case of the Conspiracy of the Cells of Fire suspects, who are charged with being responsible for a string of letter bombs sent to public buildings and the homes of politicians — are evidence enough that there is a well-orchestrated plan to intimidate judges.

It is absolutely necessary for the state to step in and provide the judiciary with the protection that it merits. This is the only way it will be able to ensure that the outcome of any trial is based on the laws of the land and not on the rules set down by threats and blackmail.