There are no quick fixes

Greek politicians are great at agreeing on matters that carry absolutely no political cost and which are popular with the people.

Who, for example, can disagree with any proposals to have the period in which Greece is expected to pay back its bailout loan from the European Central Bank and the International Monetary Fund extended? Who can argue against lower interest rates or the much-heralded eurobonds?

It is a mistake, however, to cultivate the illusion that achieving these goals will allow the government, or any other government in the same position for that matter, to relax austerity measures or put off structural reforms for a later date.

Even if Germany does agree to the issuing of a eurobond, it is certain to do so under extremely strict terms for the countries that will benefit from it. It would be best, therefore, if our politicians stopped creating expectations of a quick fix, because the truth is that there is no such thing in present circumstances.